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Serie de madera antiarañazos
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Panel de aviación tridimensional con núcleo de aluminio JXX-LL96050B


Descripción del producto

Aluminum Core Composite Panel is an improved panel of Aluminum Honeycomb Board and Aluminum Composite Panel. It do not needs expensive unit price as the Aluminum Honeycomb Board, and it is stronger and lighter than Aluminum Honeycomb Board. Compared with the Aluminum Composite Panel, the weight is lighter and FR grade is higher. The whole panel is made of aluminum, no polyethylene plastic components, and can be 100% recycled. It is environmentally friendly and can reach A2 grade flame-retardant. Meanwhile, it also has the characteristics of cheap unit price and simple processing as Aluminum Composite Panel. Its appearance effect is diverse. Whether marble series pattern, wooden series pattern or brushed pattern, all can be perfect display. Therefore, it can be used as a substitute for Aluminum Composite Panel or Aluminum Honeycomb Board.

Application: interior and exterior wall decoration/mechanical shell/furniture decoration

Standard Size: 1220X2440mm Thickness: 5mm/4mm/3.5mm/3mm

Weight: 4.0kg/m2(4mm)

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